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Brad® Ultra-Lock® (M12) EX Connection System

Molex Incorporated introduced the Brad® Ultra-Lock® (M12) EX Connection System, providing process automation installers a safe, quick connection interface for instrumentation and control devices in potentially explosive and hazardous areas. As with other Brad Ultra-Lock connectors, the Ultra-Lock (M12) EX features patented push-to-lock technology, providing a simple and secure operator-independent connection. In addition, the Ultra-Lock (M12) EX includes an integral isolating ring that limits access to the release mechanism of the connector, allowing the connector to be pushed on but requiring a screwdriver to disconnect. Because the connection point is considered non-arcing it is suitable for use in a Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 classified areas.

The Ultra-Lock (M12) EX includes pre-wired molded connections with polarized positioning on the cordset, providing more reliable performance in high vibration applications and reduced wiring termination errors. The radial seal offers IP67 / IP68 / IP69K watertight connections for temporary submersion making the connectors ideal for environments such as oil refineries, petrochemical complexes, waste water processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and food and beverage processing plants.

Molex Incorporated
Part Number: Brad Ultra-Lock

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