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Board-to-Board Compression Connectors Provide 5,000-Cycle Durability

Board-to-Board Compression Connectors Provide 5,000-Cycle Durability

AVX Corporation has extended its line of high-reliability board-to-board compression connectors for commercial, medical, and harsh industrial applications with the addition of an ultra-low-profile power connector.  Featuring gold-plated beryllium copper (BeCu) contacts that are insert-molded within the insulator for location and mechanical stability, the new 9155-100 Series connectors are capable of supporting the lowest compressed height (1.3 mm) of any comparable connector currently on the market.  The series also provides the most reliable and resilient performance available in a similarly miniature package, which is evidenced by their incredible mechanical endurance rating of 5,000 mating cycles.

AVX's new 9155-100 Series board-to-board compression connectors feature a 1.3mm minimum operating height and a sweeping contact design that provides a 0.7 mm Z-axis deflection range, a long contact wipe, and greater than 40 grams of contact force at minimum operating deflection. Rated for 3 A per contact, 125 VAC, and a -40 °C to +105 °C operating temperature range, the series supports a broad spectrum of applications, including repeatable/pluggable modules and battery packs, low-profile flex circuit to PCB applications, and nearly any application that requires low profile power, signal, or ground shielding.

The 9155-100 Series compression connectors also feature 0.4 µm selective gold in the mating area for high reliability and are currently available in two and three positions configurations; however, a single contact version designed for increased design flexibility and cost effectiveness is expected to go into production in June.

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