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Active Trunk and Drop Cabling Solution

Amphenol Industrial announces availability of an active trunk and drop cabling solution, in conjunction with Ampt, an innovative designer of active electronics for photovoltaic (PV) solar modules. The new cabling solution reduces the cost of commercial and utility-scale PV systems. Customers receive the full benefits of the unique active trunk and drop cabling solution when it is deployed with Amphenol's ModLink junction box also powered by Ampt.

Comprised of one major cable conductor with a number of smaller cables connected to a PV panel, the new assembly allows for up to 40 percent more modules per string as well as lower current carrying requirements. Ampt's integrated 'smart technology' monitors power generation, ground faults and fire protection on the assembly. When paired with Amphenol's ModLink junction box, the new active trunk and drop cabling solution also maximizes the output of each module, recovers degradation losses, removes the risk of module obsolescence, improves system run time and lowers energy costs.

Providing a simplified alternative to conventional DC wiring in PV systems, Amphenol's active trunk and drop cabling replaces the typical trunk wiring design with its pre-fabricated wire harness assembly.

Integrated into Amphenol's ModLink junction box, Ampt's active electronics effectively turn the module from a current source into a power source, monitoring power generation conducted down the trunk and drop cable assembly, while providing power monitoring and optimization for solar panels attached by a wire harness. The ModLink junction box base has built-in industry standard connections that allow a direct connection between panels using jumper cables available in various standard lengths. The ModLink base can accept a range of smart modules such as DC/DC converters/optimizers, micro-inverters or monitoring modules.

Amphenol Industrial
Part Number: ModLink

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