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Active Thermocouple Gauge

Active Thermocouple Gauge

Televac, US-based manufacturer of vacuum measurement and control products, has announced availability of their new MX2A thermocouple gauge.

An expansion of their MX Series Gauge Line, the new MX2A features an expanded wide range of measurement from 1.0 x 10-4 up to 1000 Torr, RS-485 communications, two programmable set points, selectable units of measure, a selectable analog 0-10v output, and a bright OLED display which makes it easy to read from a distance.

This CE approved and RoHS compliant gauge utilizes the standard Televac 2A thermocouple sensor, which can easily be replaced, at a lower cost than other sensors that measure the same range, to ensure long term gauge life. An extensive selection of fittings, simplicity of use, and very competitive cost make the gauge an excellent choice for a wide range of vacuum applications.


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