Power Electronics

853 KV Engine Connector Class

Souriau KV class connectors are qualified to Rolls Royce ESC15 KV and ESC16 KV standards. These connectors with an integrated backshell are used in engine environments and have been tested to vibration levels higher than the usual international standards (M83723 and EN2997).

In addition to the "traditional" approval tests (8 hours´ axial vibration at high temperature), KV class connectors have also undergone vibration endurance testing for 60 hours with high levels of vibration (considerable movement of up to 13 inches/second and spectral density of 0.03 g²/Hz). Souriau´s 8535 KV and 8536 KV connectors are therefore the solution for harsh operating environments, with the added benefits of simplified wiring and weight reduction through their integrated backshell.

Part Number: KV

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