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8 AWG PV Connector with 1000 V UL Rating

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations has released a new H4 connector, the first 8 AWG PV connector rated by UL for use up to 1000 V. This new connector can accommodate larger cable sizes, allowing for more efficient DC system layout designs as well as reduced BOS (balance of system) component and equipment costs. The new UL1000 V 8 AWG connector uses the existing mating interface as Amphenol's current H4 connector making it easy to mate to all other wire gauges. It can be integrated into PV cable assemblies in a factory environment or installed on the job site.

Amphenol's 8 AWG connector is ideal for use by installers, developers, module manufacturers, combiner box companies and engineering procurement construction (EPC) firms in large scale utility and commercial PV installations. The UL certification to 1000 V allows for streamlined approval by local PV inspectors and financiers. Amphenol's H4 connectors feature RADSOK technology, offering the highest current ratings and lowest contact resistance resulting in lower power losses and improved reliability. They are compatible with industry standard connectors.

The RoHS-compliant Amphenol H4 8 AWG connector also meets NEC 2008 requirements without the need for extra locking collars or locking sleeves. The connector uses a simple unlocking tool for easy unmating in the field.

Delivery is two weeks ARO.

Amphenol Industrial
Part Number: H4

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