Power Electronics

32-Circuit Wire-to-Wire Connection System

Molex Incorporated announces the extension of its CMC product line with the introduction of a 32-circuit wire-to-wire connection system. Designed to perform in high-conductivity applications and harsh environments, the CMC modular, hybrid connection system is now widely recognized as an industry standard interface used in automotive and transportation powertrain applications, including ECUs (engine control units), automatic gearboxes, suspension controllers and electric parking brakes.

The new Molex 32-circuit, wire-to-wire sealed, high-density, modular connection system is primarily used in powertrain and body electronics applications in cars, trucks and buses. By adopting a complete CMC connection system throughout the entire vehicle, harness makers need only one female connector and terminal system for both their wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications. For additional flexibility, the 32-circuit wire-to-wire male plug is designed for either bracket or clip mounting to accommodate the specific space and application requirements of each customer.

Molex Incorporated
Part Number: CMC

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