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11 GHz SurgeGuard(tm) Lightning Arrestor

NexTek, Inc., conditioning products, announces a new family of coaxial lightning arrestors designed to operate at frequencies up to 11 GHz. The SurgeGuard PTC-TNF-SAF-20G is a gas discharge tube-type lightning arrestor with TNC to SMA connectors.

This PTC series surge suppressor is designed for use in DC to 11GHz microwave applications and provides industry-leading performance characterized by very low VSWR and insertion loss. Compact geometries (?34.0mm L x 17.0mm D) assure maximum protection in minimum space. The TNC-female to SMA-female form factor is perfect for mounting as an antenna feedthrough. In a smaller form factor than most regular bulkhead connectors, this G-Class protector provides robust surge suppression and keeps harmful transient energy away from equipment and personnel.

Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the PTC-TNF-SAF-20G series is both rugged and waterproof. Using nickel-over-brass construction and a gold center conductor and gold contacts on the SMA connector, the PTCTNFSAF20G meets the most stringent military, commercial and environmental standards. This includes an IP68 rating. Additional features include: TNC to SMAconnectors, 10x multiple strike capability @ 5kA, 20 kA (8 x 20µs) surge capability, bi-directional protection and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +90°C.

The SurgeGuard PTC series of lightning arrestors is value-priced in OEM quantities around $40 each.

NexTek Inc.
Part Number: SurgeGauard

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