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Selecting Pneumatic Cylinders for OEM Applications

Selecting Pneumatic Cylinders for OEM Applications

During its work cycle, almost every industrial or commercial machine calls for one of its components to move linearly or to apply force against an adjacent area. In many cases, a pneumatic cylinder can initiate that motion or generate that force.

The versatility of these reliable, economical components has led the original pneumatic cylinder to evolve into an array of special configurations, sizes and designs. This variety makes more innovative equipment designs possible but presents a challenge to designers in specifying the best cylinder for a specific application.

For insight into choosing the most efficient standard – or custom – pneumatic cylinders, read Selecting Pneumatic Cylinders for OEM Applications

This eBook includes:

  • Questions to ask about the environment in which the cylinders must operate
  • An overview of the types of cylinders including single- and double-acting, disposable, compact-style and guided cylinders
  • Calculations to determine appropriate force and bore size for applications
  • A discussion on engineering custom solutions

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