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Thyristor Modules Feature Reduced Form Factors

In Semikron’s SEMiSTART modules, the thyristor chips are directly pressed between two heatsinks using pressure contact technology. The heatsinks double as electrical connectors. This allows for compact designs and optimized chip cooling.

The SEMiSTART anti-parallel thyristor module was designed specifically for overload conditions and comes in three different module sizes and a total of 5 different current classes. The smallest module sizes are for overload currents of up to 560 A, while the largest can withstand up to 3000 A with an overload duration (during start-up phase) of 20 seconds; the maximum blocking voltages are 1400 V and 1800 V.

With the use of SEMiSTART modules soft-starters can be more compact. The result: systems with a much better cost-to-benefit ratio. The new modules have fewer contact layers overall, meaning that they have less thermal contact resistance than conventional solutions, such as the thermal contact resistance between the flat thyristor case and heatsinks in conventional solutions.

The total thermal contact resistance in these modules is less than half that of insulated semiconductor modules with similar sized thyristor chips because there is no electrical insulation that can hinder heat dissipation from the chip to the heatsinks. SEMiSTART modules require no mounting clamps.

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