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Thyristor and Diode Power Modules from 600V to 3.6kV

Specialist power component distributors Diamond Power Components has announced the availability of a wide range of Thyristor and Diode Power Modules manufactured by TECHSEM. TECHSEM is one of China's leading power semiconductor manufacturers and can offer high quality products at very attractive pricing to higher cost base European manufacturers.

Diamond Power Components can now provide a wide range of TECHSEM products including Thyristor-Thyristor, Thyristor-Diode, Diode-Diode, Fast Diode Modules and Single and Three Phase Rectifier Bridge Modules. All TECHSEM parts meet full International Standards, IRIS, UL, RoHS etc. and are fully tested in accordance with IEC60747 regulations. TECHSEM maintains a proactive quality control and test systems required to supply High Reliability applications such as Traction etc.

Diamond Power Components can provide designers with experienced UK technical support and product cross-referencing to other leading power module suppliers to facilitate a rapid adoption of this beneficial technology.

Dual Thyristor, Dual Diode and Thyristor/Diode Modules are available in standard industrial outlines from 26A to 1200A and with repetitive peak voltages from 600V to 3600V.

Single Phase Rectifier Diode Modules are available from 50 to 150A with Three Phase Rectifier Diode Modules and Three Phase Rectifier Diode Modules with a Soft Start Thyristor from 50 to 200A and from 60 to 1800V

Fast Turn Off Thyristor and Fast Recovery Diode Module are available between 55A and 400A at 600V to 2500V and the Fast Recovery Diode Module have power ratings of 75A to 400A at 600V to 1800V.

TECHSEM modules utilize an internal pressure contact system to contact the internal semiconductor dies. This pressure contact technology eradicates the two main failure mechanisms of solder base modules - wire bond fatigue and die solder cracking. It also provides higher surge current ratings due to improved contact with the die and improved mechanical strength during heatsink attachment.

The pressure contact technology improves Thermal/Power Cycling performance resulting in longer Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), can provide higher voltage, higher current designs than solder base types due to restrictions in solder die technology and provides a solution for high power cycling applications, including resistive welding,  where solder base technology may fail. 

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