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ThunderFET: 80-V MOSFET With 8.5 mohm On-Resistance

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. unveiled the first TrenchFET power MOSFET built on a new low-on-resistance technology optimized for higher-voltage devices. The new ThunderFET SiR880DP is the first 80-V power MOSFET with an on-resistance rating at a 4.5-V gate drive. Packaged in the thermally enhanced PowerPAK SO-8, the new 80 V SiR880DP offers ultra-low on-resistances of 8.5 mohm at 4.5 V, 6.7 mohm at 7.5 V, and 5.9 mohm at 10 V. Typical on-resistance times gate charge, a key figure of merit (FOM, expressed in nC-mohm) for MOSFETs in dc-to-dc converter applications, is 161 at 4.5 V.

The SiR880DP is optimized for primary side switching in isolated do-to-dc converters for telecom point-of-load applications. Its very low on-resistance translates into reduced power consumption and greener solutions, especially at light loads such as stand-by mode.

The device's 4.5-V rating is conducive to higher-frequency designs, enabling significantly lower gate drive losses in POL applications while allowing lower-voltage/lower-cost 5-V PWM ICs to be utilized. Until now, 80-V power MOSFETs were only available with on-resistance ratings at a 6-V gate drive or higher.
The SiR880DP is 100 % Rg- and UIS-tested. The PowerPAK SO-8 MOSFET is halogen-free according to the IEC 61249-2-21 definition and compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

Samples of the SiR880DP are available now. Production quantities are available now, with lead times of 16 weeks for large orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery in 10,000-piece quantities starts at $1.05 per piece.

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