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Ten New High Performance MOSFETs for Power Management

NXP's range of 30V Trench 6 logic level MOSFETs deliver significant improvements in efficiency when used in switching power supply applications, DC-DC converters, POL converters and power OR-ing. The LFPAK package delivers high current capability and low thermal resistance in a 5mm x 6mm Power SO8 footprint making the new range of MOSFETs the natural choice for demanding power-switching applications.

Ten new devices have been added to the PSMN 30 V range of MOSFETs from NXP. This range combines the latest silicon technology (Trench 6), with the high-performance LFPAK package, which challenges the best performing devices available in today's marketplace.

Trench 6 silicon technology provides our lowest RDS(ON) performance yet, at 1.2mOhm typical at Vgs=10 V (PSMN1R7-30YL). These parts are highly suited to power OR-ing and SYNC-FET in synchronous buck-regulator applications.

Trench 6 technology also delivers low gate-charge (QG) and low gate-resistance (Rg) making the devices suitable for switching frequencies typically up to 1MHz and making them ideally suited for use in high-efficiency synchronous buck regulators.

LFPAK (Loss Free PAcKage) delivers compact power in a surface-mount package. It provides superior electrical & thermal resistance as well as low inductance, while maintaining the widely accepted SO8 footprint. LFPAK is compatible with 'visual inspection' techniques unlike many
other Power-SO8 devices. The combination of Trench 6 silicon and LFPAK package delivers higher operating efficiencies, improved thermal characteristics and high power density which are essential for today's high performance power management applications

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