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Tandem Diodes Provide Alternatives to Silicon Carbide

Tandem Diodes Provide Alternatives to Silicon Carbide

STMicroelectronics has unveiled its second generation of tandem diodes, which enable designers to cost-effectively enhance the energy efficiency of equipment such as power supplies, solar inverters, and e-transportation charging points.

Compared to first-generation devices, the new diodes have even lower reverse-recovery charge (QRR) to minimize switching losses, further extending their efficiency advantage over standard ultrafast diodes. The lower QRR also speeds up the fine-tuning of circuit designs, enabling faster time to market. Performance approaches that of silicon-carbide diodes, which are typically at least 30% more expensive.

The second-generation devices joining ST's 600V tandem diode range are the STTH8T06DI and STTH8ST06DI rated for 8 A average forward current, and the STTH12T06DI is for applications up to 12 A. The devices have peak forward surge-current ratings equivalent to those of ultrafast diodes, ensuring robustness and reliability, and a wide operating junction-temperature range of -40 °C to 175 °C.

All devices are in mass production now in the TO-220AC isolated-tab package, priced from $1.57 for the STTH8T06DI in quantities of over 1,000 pieces.

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