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Small Rectifiers Improve Power Supply Efficiency

Fairchild Semiconductor's seven STEALTH II diodes feature fast reverse-recovery and soft-recovery characteristics that enable reduced MOSFET switching losses in continuous-current-mode PFC designs. These characteristics also minimize ringing and electrical noise in the power switching circuit, which, in turn, reduces overall EMI. Use of the rectifiers can therefore preclude the need for a snubber circuit, and can reduce the size of the EMI filter.

For example, the FFP15S60S provides a maximum reverse-recovery time of less than 35 ns for a forward current of 4 A and a forward voltage of less than 2.6 V. Other members of the family include the FFP04S60S, FFPF04S60S, FFPF15S60S, FFH15S60S, FFP30S60S and FFH30S60S. Available now, pricing ranges from $0.48 to $1.81 for 1000 pieces.

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