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Small Bipolars Help Shrink Portable Designs

Small Bipolars Help Shrink Portable Designs

Diodes Incorporated has announced the industry's first small-signal bipolar transistors to be provided in the miniature DFN0806-3 package. With a footprint of 0.48mm2 and an off-board profile of only 0.4mm, the transistors are 20% smaller than equivalent DFN1006, SOT883 and SOT1123 parts.

The bipolar's size advantage, coupled with a commendable 400mW power dissipation capability, will benefit smartphone, tablet and other space-critical portable product designs. Two complementary pairs of NPN and PNP transistors are initially being introduced by Diodes in the DFN0806-3 package, with pre-biased (digital) transistors to follow.

The NPN MMBT3904FA and PNP MMBT3906FA transistors are 40V VCE rated, handle a continuous current of 200mA and support a 500mA peak pulse current.  The NPN BC847BFA and PNP BC857BFA devices are 45V rated and have continuous current and pulse current handling capabilities of 100mA and 200mA, respectively.

The MMBT3904FA, MMBT3906FA, BC847BFA and BC857BFA transistors are priced at $ 0.08 USD each in 10 k quantities.

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