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Power Electronics
Image courtesy of Texas Instruments
<p>(Image courtesy of Texas Instruments).</p>

Single Channel GaN Power Stage

Texas instruments' LMG3410 Single Channel GaN Power Stage is aimed at high-performance power conversion applications where switching performance and fault protection are important. By integrating the FET driver with the series MOSFET, the LMG3410 achieves superior switching performance with an easy-to-use logic-level input. In addition, the normally-off device and logic-level input signal will greatly simplify power designs using this circuit. The drive strength of the LMG3410 is adjustable with a single external resistor to provide in-system adjustability of switching slew rate.

As part of its fault protection features, the LMG3410 module provides built-in over-temperature and over-current protection, indicated by the FAULT output signal. The FAULT signal also serves as a ready signal to indicate the status of the IC.

LMG3410 is provided in a low-inductance 8-mm × 8-mm QFN package for reduced parasitic inductance and clean switching waveforms.


  • 70-mW Typical RDS(ON) at 25°C
  • 20-ns Typical Propagation Delay
  • Single Unregulated 12-V Supply Needed
  • Externally-Adjustable Drive Strength for Switching Performance and EMI Control
  • Internal Buck-Boost Converter Generates Negative Drive Voltage
  • Targeted Towards High-Speed Operation
  • Fault Output Ensures Safety
  • High Edge-Rate Tolerance 
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