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Silicon Power Schottky Diodes for High Frequency Applications

Silicon Power Schottky Diodes for High Frequency Applications

America Semiconductor, LLC announced the release of its SD51 silicon power Schottky diodes.  The DO-5 stud-mount parts feature a continuous forward current of 60 A, and repetitive peak reverse voltage of 45 V.  Optimized for very low forward voltage drop with moderate leakage, the parts notably offer high surge capability.  The diodes' technology supports reliable performance up to 150 °C junction temperature, while their construction offers increased ruggedness and long-term reliability, as well as hermetic packaging.

America Semiconductor's silicon power Schottky diodes are used primarily in the output stage of a switching power supply in a broad range of high-reliability commercial and industrial applications. Delivering very low forward voltage drops and fast turn-off characteristics, the diodes minimize conduction and switching losses in high-frequency power supply designs.  In addition to switching power supplies, typical applications include converters, freewheeling diodes, and reverse battery protection.

The SD51 silicon power Schottky diodes additionally feature a non-repetitive peak surge current of 800 A, forward voltage of 0.66 V and operating temperature of -65 °C to 150 °C.

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