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SiC Transistor Aims to Compete With IGBTs

TranSiC AB, a developer of silicon carbide (SiC) power transistors, has launched a SiC 20-A, 600-V bipolar junction transistor (BJT) for switching power supply applications. According to the Kista, Sweden-based vendor, the BitSiC0620 transistor¡¯s low collector-emitter saturation voltage (VCESAT) enables more than a 60% reduction in on-state power losses compared to conventional silicon IGBTs with the same chip area. Engineering samples are now available.

Key electrical specifications for this device include a maximum current gain of about 30 and an open-base breakdown voltage (BVCEO) of more than 600 V. Additionally, the BJT exhibits fast switching due to the small amount of charge stored in SiC devices.

The BitSiC0620 can handle very high junction temperature and initial tests show good immunity for cosmic radiation. Moreover, the BJT chip has been successfully tested at temperatures up to more than 250¢ªC and as low as -80¢ªC.

TranSiC promotes the SiC BJT as an alternative to silicon IGBTs in applications where low power losses, high switching frequencies, and high maximum junction temperatures are desired. The transistor is offered in die form, in TO-220 packaging, or on DBC substrates.

For further information, contact Bo Hammarlund, CEO of TranSiC AB, by phone at +46 70 7412622 or by email at [email protected].

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