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Schottkys Offer Performance and High Temperature Operation

Built in Vishay Intertechnology’s Gen. 5.0 sub-micron trench process, the the 30CTT045 and 60CPT045 are 45-V Schottky diodes that offer a maximum junction temperature of +175°C in combination with low forward voltage drop and low reverse leakage. Typical forward voltage drop ranges from <0.50 V at 60 A to <0.54 V at 30 A, while reverse leakage runs from 2 mA to 5 mA at +125°C.

Device type: 45-V dual Schottky diodes
Configurations: 2 x 30 A (60CPT045) and 2 x 15 A (30CTT045)
Forward Current, (IF(AV)): 15 A or 30 A
Forward voltage (VF at 125ºC): <0.50 V typical at 30 A for the 60CPT045 and <0.50 V typical at 15 A for the 30CTT045
Reverse leakage (at +125°C): 2 mA (30CTT045) and 5 mA (60CPT045)
Features: optimized VF versus IR trade-off for increased system efficiency, a high and stable breakdown voltage (>57 V typical), 40% increased ruggedness for reverse avalanche capability (EAS = 55 mJ for the 30CTT045 and 140 mJ for the 60CPT045), 100% screening of parts in avalanche.
Operating temperature range (TJ): -55ºC to +175ºC
Packaging: TO-220 for the 30CTT045 and TO-247 for the 60CPT045
RoHS compliant? yes
Target Applications: ac-to-dc secondary rectification, flyback, buck and boost converters, half-bridge, reverse battery protection, freewheeling, class-D amplifiers, and dc-to-dc module applications; typical end products include high power density SMPS; adaptors for desktop PCs; servers; automotive drives and controls; consumer electronics like PDPs, LCDs, and high-efficiency audio systems; and mobile electronics such as notebook computers, cell phones, and portable media players.
Pricing: $0.75 each for the 30CTT045 and $1.65 each for the 60CPT045
Availability: available now
Datasheets posted on web? yes, see www.vishay.com/docs/94570/94570.pdf and www.vishay.com/docs/94571/94571.pdf .

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