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Schottky Diodes Use Less Space

Diodes Incorporated has announced its first Schottky diode to be offered in the miniature leadless DFN0603 package. Handling switching, reverse-blocking and rectification functions, the 30V, 0.1A-rated SDM02U30LP3 meets the higher density design requirements of ultra- portables, including smart phones and tablets.

Measuring just 0.62mm x 0.32mm x 0.30mm, the DFN0603 packaged Schottky uses around 66% less board space than the industry-standard DFN1006 and SOD923 alternatives. Additionally, compared to the same packages, the DFN0603 has an off-board profile advantage, being 25% thinner.

To ensure that power losses are minimized and portable battery lifetime is maximized, the SDM02U30LPS is characterized by a very low forward voltage of 0.37V and a maximum leakage current of only 7µA.

The DFN0603 packaged SDM02U30LPS Schottky diode is priced at $0.15 each in 3k quantities. Additional information can be found by visiting www.diodes.com

Diodes Inc.
Part Number: SDM02U30LP3

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