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Reverse Conducting 650V IGBT Reduces Switching Losses by 30%

Reverse Conducting 650V IGBT Reduces Switching Losses by 30%

Infineon Technologies AG has extended the latest generation of reverse conducting IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) for resonant applications with a new 650V component including a monolithically integrated RC diode. This means the high performance RC-H5 family of products can now be used in a significantly broader range of applications: the new discrete RC-H5 650V power semiconductor is the perfect choice for use in multi-hob induction stoves and inverterized microwave ovens, as well as for all partial hard-switching half-bridge topologies.

Like all the RC-H5 products, the newly announced discrete 650V power semiconductor also distinguishes itself in greater energy efficiency than the earlier generations. The switching losses have been reduced by a further 30 percent. This allows designers to work with switching frequencies of up to 40kHz. Altogether the new designed discrete power semiconductor is characterized by better energy efficiency leading to a 5 percent saving in energy consumption of the whole system.

Alongside their outstanding energy efficiency, systems operating on the basis of the RC-H5 650V also have significantly improved reliability due to the increased blocking voltage which gives more design margin. The ability of the 650V component to provide soft or hard switching as required not only means greater flexibility of use but also that less strain is put on the system as a whole. The improved EMI behavior of the new component is also a significant benefit in fast and soft switching systems where less filtering is then required. In addition, optimized thermal performance enables trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures of up to 175°C.

"Induction cooking holds enormous potential for energy saving in household appliances and for environmental benefits," says Roland Stele, Marketing Director IGBT Power Discretes at Infineon Technologies. "With the new discrete RC-H5 650V Infineon is extending the range of products for household appliances enabling our customers to develop highly reliable systems which require fewer resources."

The new RC-H5 component is available in the current classes 20A, 40A and 50A. Sample models will be supplied in June 2014, and in the same month serial production will start. The RC-H5 family achieves optimal results when paired with the compact driver ICs EiceDRIVER™ 1EDL and 2EDL compact and with the XMC 1000/4000 family of microcontrollers.

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