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Power MOSFETs Feature Reduced On Resistance

A family of 55-V to 100-V TrenchMV Power MOSFETs from IXYS incorporates a cell design that significantly reduces on resistance. Lower RDS(ON) and gate charge, increased ruggedness and faster switching speeds improve efficiency for these devices. Voltages include 55 V, 75 V, 85 V and 100 V, while currents range from 44 A to 280 A.

These Power MOSFETs are offered in a number of different packages, including the standard TO-247 and a variety of IXYS’ ISOPLUS packages, which provide integral backside case isolation. The IXTC240N055T (55 V, 240 A, RDS(ON) = 0.004 Ω with isolated Rθ = 1.0 K/W) and IXTF200N10T (100 V, 200 A, RDS(ON) = 0.006 Ω with isolated Rθ = 0.9 K/W) are examples of the electrical and thermal performance of ISOPLUS TrenchMV Power MOSFETs.

The MOSFETS are designed to meet the conditions commonly required by the automotive or industrial sector, as well as high-power consumer electronics. The low gate charge of these devices makes them ideal for high power applications, and also makes them ideal for paralleling at higher power levels.

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