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Power Modules Have Automotive Qualification

Power Modules Have Automotive Qualification

Infineon Technologies AG launches its new EconoDUALT 3 IGBT modules, which are fully qualified according to automotive standards. The new offering addresses demanding applications in commercial, construction or agricultural vehicles where extended reliability is a key. Automotive qualification means that the modules provide significantly increased thermal cycling and thermal shock capability, while a new soft diode improves the EMI behavior.

The optimized design and assembly technology of the new automotive qualified EconoDUALT 3 modules enables a more than three times higher thermal cycling capability, while the thermal shock capability is increased by a factor often compared to the industry standard. With excellent mechanical robustness and power cycling capability, as well as the option of PressFit pins, Infineon offers a reliable, cost effective solution for various applications in vehicles.

The modules of the EconoDUALT 3 series offer the highest power density (up to 600A/1200V) available within this module footprint. The modules provide superior switching performance while copper wire bonding leads to a reduced internal lead resistance. With the use of copper bonding technology as well as an improved DCB the output power can be increased by up to 30% when compared to the related 450A version.

To facilitate logistics handling and traceability, all Infineon IGBT modules are considered as unique and fully-labeled on the modules. In case of the newly presented EconoDUALT 3 modules, integrated DMX code chips provide the possibility of an even enhanced traceability for automated identification of the assembled components.

Samples of the automotive qualified EconoDUALT 3 modules FF400R12ME4A_B11 (400A, 1200V) and FF600R12ME4A_B11 (600A, 1200V) will be available in Q4 2013, with volume production planned in the second half of 2014.

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