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Photodiode Has 100 mm2 Active Area

Photodiode Has 100 mm2 Active Area

A single active area photodiode from Opto Diode, the  SXUV100, has a 100 mm2 active area.  The highly sensitive device permits detection to 1 nm, and provides a remarkably stable response after exposure to EUV/UV conditions.  Best applications include detection of 13.5 nm wavelengths or any high power density source monitoring between 1 nm - 150 nm.

The new photodiode is operational from 1 nm to 1000 nm, with peak photon responsivity at 0.27 A/W (at 1 nm) and 0.33 A/W (at 850 nm).  Shunt resistance (Rsh) @ ± 10 mV is 10 MΩ (min.), the capacitance is typically 6 nF, and the response time is typically 250 nanoseconds.

The new SXUV100's operating and storage temperatures range from -10 ºC to 40 ºC (ambient) and from -20 ºC to 80 ºC (in nitrogen or vacuum conditions). The maximum junction temperature is 70 ºC and the lead-soldering temperature is 260 ºC at 0.080 in. from the case for 10 seconds.

Opto Diode's new 100 mm2 photodiodes are available in single or volume quantities, and shipping now.

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