Power Electronics

Next Generation 600V IGBTs for Power Conversion Applications

IXYS extends its GenX3(tm) IGBT product line to 600 V. These new IGBTs are manufactured using IXYS' state-of-the-art GenX3 IGBT process and utilize IXYS' advanced Punch-Though (PT) technology, tailored to provide higher surge current capabilities, lower saturation voltages, and lower switching losses.

To accommodate optimum part selection, designers have a choice in selecting between three sub-classes denoted A3, B3, and C3. These classifications allow designers to "dial in" the best compromise between static (conduction) and dynamic (switching) losses, improving over-all system efficiency in a variety of power conversion applications by balancing critical requirements such as switching frequency, efficiency, and cost structure. The A3-Class are optimized for low saturation voltage V(sat) and are well suited for applications requiring switching frequencies up to 5kHz. Similarly, the B3-Class offers low saturation voltages, but is optimized to accommodate applications that require "medium speed" switching operation from 5kHz to 40kHz.

The C3-Class is optimized for "high speed" switching operation from 40kHz to 100kHz and resonant switching operation of up to 400kHz. IXYS 600V GenX3 IGBTs are offered in various standard packages, including the full gamut of surface mount and discrete packages with current ratings from 36 A to 210 A. Furthermore, some devices will be offered in PLUS and ISOPLUS isolated packages, featuring UL recognized 2500V isolation and superior thermal performance. Co-Packed variants of these new devices are available with IXYS' HiPerFRED(tm) ultra-fast recovery diodes providing exceptional fast recovery and soft switching characteristics.
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