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New Generation of Reverse Conducting IGBT Optimized for Induction Cooking Applications

New Generation of Reverse Conducting IGBT Optimized for Induction Cooking Applications

Infineon Technologies complements its portfolio of Reverse Conducting (RC) Soft Switching IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) introducing a 1350V device with a monolithic integrated reverse conduction diode in 20A current class. The new 20A RC-H5 devices extend Infineon`s performance leadership of the RC-H family, focusing on system efficiency and demanding reliability requirements for Induction Cooking applications.

The new RC-H5 provides up to 30% reduction in switching losses compared to previous generations, allowing designers to use higher frequencies of up to 30kHz. Thus, the efficiency of the system with an RC-H5 device is improved by 0.5% leading to an overall performance of the system of more than 92%. Lowered overall system costs can also be realized by using smaller inductor choices with less copper. The RC-H5 discrete IGBT is based on the ground breaking technology of the RC-H3 which remains available for existing designs.

With the RC-H5, reliability has once again been improved by reducing power dissipation and a better thermal performance, even under higher ambient temperatures of up to 175°C. Additionally the turn-on spike current has been cut by 10% which leads to less stress on passive components in the system increasing reliability. Improved EMI behavior is an additional benefit. As a consequence there are less filtering requirements and lower system costs for the designers.

The RC-H5 family is available in a current class of 20A with 1200V and 1350V blocking voltage and is offered in a TO-247 package. The RC-H5 1350V 20A is ready for shipping whereas he RC-H5 1200V 20A will be available in Q2 2014. The availability of the ground breaking RC-H3 family will not be affected by the product launch of this next generation of reverse conducting IGBT.

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