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MOSFETs Target Efficient Power Conversion

MOSFETs Target Efficient Power Conversion

Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA) has announced three new high voltage MOSFETs - AP11S60-HF-3, AP14S50-HF-3 and AP20S60-HF-3 - that offer improved on-resistance and gate charge to provide low conduction and switching losses, making switching applications more efficient.

The devices are the first in a series of competitively-priced that feature RDS(ON) as low as 0.19Ω (AP20S60-HF-3). All three parts are specially designed as main switching devices for universal 90 to 265VAC converter designs. Devices are available in the widely-preferred TO-220CFM isolated through-hole package, with a high isolation capability and low thermal resistance between the tab and the external heat-sink.

The new MOSFETs meet industry-demands for higher performance parts that enable efficient AC-DC conversion. They provide a high blocking voltage to withstand voltage surges in demanding power systems, and can be used in applications such as PFC correction and PWM stages in servers, telecom rectifiers, PCs, gaming consoles and lighting systems.


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