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MOSFETs Support Low-Voltage Gate Drivers

Zetex has introduced three n-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs, developed specifically for applications with limited drive-voltages. The 20-V ZXMN2B03E6 (in the SOT236 package), ZXMN2B14FH and ZXMN2B01F (both in SOT23 packages) are capable of low-loss switching at a VGS of 1.8 V, enabling them to be operated from two 1.2-V cells or a single Li-ion cell. Their low gate-drive voltage also enables them to be driven directly by logic gates.

RDS(ON) for the three MOSFETs is respectively guaranteed to be less than 75 mΩ, 100 mΩ and 200 mΩ at a VGS of 1.8 V, and 40 mΩ, 55 mΩ and 100 mΩ at a VGS of 4.5 V. This makes them ideal for low-voltage roles, including level shifting for high-side disconnect switches, external switching for boost converter circuits and buffering the outputs of low-voltage microcontrollers for loads such as motors and solenoids.

Fast switching performance is another key feature of the company’s proprietary UMOS technology. For example, the respective risetime and falltime for the ZXMN2B01F are 3.6 ns and 10.5 ns, for VGS = 4.5 V and ID = 1 A.

The 1000-piece price of the ZXMN2B01F is $0.165, $0.285 for the ZXMN2B03E6 and $0.270 for the ZXMN2B14FH.

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