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MOSFETs Suit Switchers

Microsemi has added 15 devices in their generation of POWER MOS 8 products. These MOS 8 MOSFET and FREDFET devices are designed for high power, high performance switch mode applications including power factor correction (PFC) and solar inverters.

Key performance features include low RDS(on), low gate charge and switching losses, lower thermal resistance, improved oscillation immunity and reduced EMI. The devices are also avalanche-energy rated, and the FREDFETs are available with fast recovery body diodes.

All MOS 8 devices are 100% tested for avalanche-energy capability and are offered only in RoHS compliant packages. MOS 8 FREDFETs have all of the features and advantages of MOS 8 MOSFETs, with the added benefit of a faster body diode recovery speed of <250 ns. These devices provide superior ruggedness and reliability in applications where the body diode carries forward current, such as popular zero-voltage switching (ZVS) bridge topologies.

First to be released in the POWER MOS 8 family are ten MOSFET and five FREDFET devices with power ratings from 19 A to 75 A and voltage specifications from 500 V to 1200 V. Additional power/voltage combinations will be introduced throughout the balance of 2006 and into early 2007.

The first Ultrafast Recovery FREDFETs, rated at 500 V and 600 V, will feature a 150-ns recovery time and are scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2006. MOS 8 IGBTs with 600-V and 900-V ratings will follow in early 2007.

The 1000-unit pricing for part number APT56M50B2 is $7.34. Samples are available.

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