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MOSFETs Improve Lighting Efficiency

STMicroelectronics power MOSFET family can reduce conduction losses and increase efficiency and reliability in lighting applications by achieving very low on-resistance. The devices also have excellent dynamic and avalanche characteristics. The STD11NM60N, based on second-generation MDmesh technology, gives a maximum RDS(ON) of 450 mΩ.

The device’s resistance value is reduced by up to 55% compared to the previous MDmesh technology, without sacrificing tight control of its temperature dependence. In addition, the 600-V device features an energy-optimized driver circuit, which enables the MOSFET to drive higher currents at a lower gate-source voltage (VGS) threshold. Keeping the same threshold spread of 2 V, the range of VGS used to drive the device has been lowered, thus optimizing the drive and ensuring high noise immunity that prevents the circuit from switching on unintentionally.

The small size of the chip, housed in DPAK/IPAK and TO-220FP packages, make it particularly suited to lighting applications such as High Power Factor electronic ballasts and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp electronic ballasts. The STD11NM60N is available in volume now. Pricing is $0.90 in quantities of 10,000 pieces.

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