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MOSFETs Deliver High Energy Efficiency to DC-Powered Circuits

MOSFETs Deliver High Energy Efficiency to DC-Powered Circuits

(Image courtesy of Infineon).

Infineon Technologies AG recently launched a new family of StrongIRFET™ MOSFETs for dc powered circuits including battery powered circuits, brushed and brushless dc (BDLC) motor drives. The MOSFETs can bring high energy efficiency to end-applications such as power and gardening tools, light electric vehicles, drones and e-bikes that demand a high level of energy efficiency but are restricted in available space. This is made possible by the compact Medium Can DirectFET™ housing featuring a new layout.

The new StrongIRFET devices are housed in a Medium Can DirectFET package that features dual-sided cooling to deliver high power density and excellent thermal performance. By re-locating the gate pad to the corner of the die on these latest devices, the new layout significantly increases the source contact area to achieve even lower thermal resistance to the PCB than standard DirectFET packages, further improving efficiency, and increasing the scalability of design.

The new devices, which range from 40 V to 75 V, feature the characteristics of the StrongIRFET family, including low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) to minimize conduction losses , high current carrying capability and rugged silicon to improve system reliability. The product family features a lead-free package that is current- and future-ROHS compliant.

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