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MOSFET Solutions for Solar Micro-Inverters

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) announced new AlphaMOS ( MOS) solutions that are optimized for emerging DC to AC power inverter applications. The new line up of products is ideally suited for use in solar micro-inverter modules, which are becoming the popular topology in residential and portable solar applications.

Traditional solar setups involve a single inverter for an entire panel array, and thereby are only as efficient as the least performing panel. In contrast, micro-inverters are installed on each panel and can be individually tuned to optimize performance and produce more energy. As the limited space for many solar installations constrain arrays sizes, it is imperative to maximize the performance from every panel. Among the many topologies employed by solar vendors, most solutions require MOSFETs to deliver the power harnessed from the panels to the load or grid.

"Solar energy systems endeavor to capture as much power as possible, and therefore, require high efficiency MOSFETs that minimize conduction and switching losses." said Stephen Chang, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AOS. "AOS AlphaMOS solutions are designed to dissipate less power through very low RDS(ON) and Qg in order to maximize the performance of solar applications."

For primary DC side control, AOS offers 40V to 100V AlphaMOS medium voltage MOSFETs with ultra-low RDS(ON) and gate charge (Qg) in the industry standard TO-220 green package. These devices are 100% UIS and Rg tested to ensure high reliability.

For the line voltage side of the inverters, AOS also offers a wide range of 600V AlphaMOS solutions, including options with an internal fast recovery diode. The 600V AlphaMOS solutions provide maximum efficiency with low losses signified by their low RDS*Qg figure of merit For applications that require higher power levels, the recently launched IGBT™ technology platform will soon provide a series of high power IGBTs to complete AOS' solar micro-inverter product portfolio.

These MOSFET devices are immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12-14 weeks with the following unit prices for 10,000 pieces.

AOT240L $0.88
AOT260L $1.39
AOT290L $1.76

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
Part Number: AOT240L

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