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MOSFET-Schottky Chip Permits Double-Sided Cooling

From Vishay Intertechnology comes a 30-V monolithic power MOSFET and Schottky diode in the PolarPAK package, which allows both top and bottom-side cooling in systems with forced air cooling. The SiE726DF offers an on-resistance of 0.0024 Ω max at a 10-V gate drive, and can handle current levels 50% higher than the SO-8 in the same footprint size without a heatsink.

Device type: n-channel power MOSFETs
Voltage rating (VDS): 30 V
On-resistance (RDSON): on-resistance of 0.0024 Ω max at VGS= 10 V or 0.0033 Ω max at VGS= 4.5 V
Gate Charge(QG): 105 nC typ. at VGS= 10 V, ID = 20 A, and VDS = 15 V
Body-diode reverse recovery charge (QRR): 30 nC typ., 45 nC max
Body-diode voltage (VSD): 0.37 V typ. at IS = 2 A
Current Rating (ID): 60 A (package limit), 35 A (surface mounted on 1-in. FR-4 board for t = 10 sec at 25ºC)
Operating temperature range (TJ): -50°C to 150°C
Packaging: 10-pin, 5-mm x 6-mm encapsulated PolarPAK
RoHS compliant? yes
Target Applications: low-side control switch in synchronous rectified dc-dc converters and VRMs in graphics cards, servers and telecom systems
Pricing: starts at $0.85 each in 10,000-piece quantities
Availability: available now
Datasheets posted on web? yes, see www.vishay.com/docs/68626/sie726df.pdf

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