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MOSFET Family Targets Low-Power Applications

With the addition of 11 MicroFET MOSFET products, Fairchild Semiconductor now offers a broad portfolio of thermally enhanced ultra-compact, low-profile (2 mm x 2 mm x 0.8 mm) devices targeting low-power applications in the <30-V and <20-V ranges. MicroFET power switches combine Fairchild's PowerTrench technology with an industry-standard molded leadless package (MLP).

These lead (PB)-free devices meet or exceed the requirements of the joint ICP/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and are compliant with the European Union regulations now in effect.

Fairchild’s MicroFET in an MLP offers designers a new package option in addition to SSOT-6 or SC-70 devices typically used in charger, boost converter, dc-dc converter and load switch applications. The MicroFET in a 2 mm x 2 mm MLP is 55% smaller than a 3 mm x 3 mm SSOT-6 MOSFET, while providing higher performance.

For example, compared to a typical dual P-channel SSOT-6 (9 mm 2) device, the MicroFET (4 mm2) offers 17% lower RDS(on) (95 mΩ vs. 115 mΩ) and 16% lower thermal resistance (151°C/W vs. 180°C/W (minimum copper pad values)). In addition, MicroFET devices offer exceptionally better thermal performance and higher efficiency than larger 3-mm x 1.9-mm MLP devices, as well as SC-70 packages with a similar small footprint. Compared to a dual P-channel SC-70 device, for instance, Fairchild’s MicroFET offers 80% lower R DS(on) and 65% lower thermal resistance.

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