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Mid-Voltage MOSFETs Suit Netcom Converters

International Rectifier’s (IR) new N-channel 60-V, 80-V and 100-V HEXFET MOSFETs are intended for switching converter applications used in networking and communications systems. Respectively designated the IRF7855PbF, IRF7854PbF and IRF7853PbF, the parts are designed for ac-dc secondary-side synchronous rectification, isolated medium-power dc-dc applications.

Together with IR’s low-voltage MOSFETs and controller ICs, these mid-range MOSFETs form secondary-side chipsets for medium-power converter applications. In addition, when combined with the SmartRectifier IR1167 in ac-dc power supplies, these new SO-8 devices can replace two large TO-220 MOSFETs and their associated heatsinks.

The 100-V IRF7853 is also optimized for wide-range communication bus input (36 V to 75 V) primary-side bridge topologies in isolated dc-dc bus converters. The 80-V IRF7854 is useful for active ORing and hot-swap applications.

All three of the MOSFETs are designed for secondary-side synchronous rectification in 5-V to 19-V flyback converter and resonant half-bridge applications. They are also suitable for isolated dc-dc applications as primary-side switches in forward or push-pull topologies for 18-V to 36-V isolated dc-dc converters.

At 10 V, the typical QG values for the IRF7855PbF, IRF7854PbF and IRF7853PbF are 26 nC, 27 nC and 28 nC, respectively. RDS(ON) values for the same devices are 9.4 mΩ, 13.4 mΩ and 18 mΩ.

These HEXFET MOSFETs are available immediately. Pricing in 10,000-unit quantities begins at $1.20 each for the IRF7853, $1.06 for the IRF7854, and $1.04 for the IRF7855.

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