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Mid-Voltage MOSFETs Optimize Power Utilization in a Space-Saving Package

Mid-Voltage MOSFETs Optimize Power Utilization in a Space-Saving Package

The FDMC86xxxP series of P-channel PowerTrench® MOSFETs from Fairchild Semiconductor offer a reduced footprint while achieving superior switching speed and power consumption.

The series includes the FDMC86261P 150 V and the FDMC86139P 100 V P-channel MOSFETs. Their on-resistance is rated 160 and 185 mOhms, respectively. When compared to competitive devices, these P-channel MOSFETs provide an improved switching performance figure of merit (FOM) 67%  better than the best competitive part, according to the company. Additionally, conduction losses are improved by 46% and switching losses are improved by 38%. This allows designers to shrink the footprint and improve overall system performance.

Devices in the series are packaged in a 3 mm x 3 mm MLP package, versus competitor solutions that are in a 5 mm x 6 mm package, saving board space. Additionally, the FDMC86xxxP series addresses the customers need for lower thermal characteristics, dissipating less power for higher energy efficiency. The devices also feature the lowest RDS(ON) available in its footprint.

In 1,000-piece quantities, the FDMC86261P costs 80 cents each while the FDMC86139P costs 68 cents each. Samples are available on request. Delivery is 8 to10 weeks ARO.

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