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 Medium Power Phase Control Thyristors

Medium Power Phase Control Thyristors

The 25RIA Series of medium power, phase control thyristors from America Semiconductor, LLC, are supplied in a standard TO-48 package with a current handling capability to 25 Amps. The rugged parts additionally boast low thermal resistance and high dl/dt and dV/dt capabilities. The stud thyristors are optimized for use in a broad range of high-reliability consumer and industrial applications. The devices are most frequently employed in AC/DC converters, DC power supplies and machine tool controls.

Parts are offered in voltages ranging from 100 V to 1200 V with a maximum repetitive peak and off-state voltage range from 100 V to 1200 V.  Their maximum non-repetitive peak voltage range is from 150 V to 1300 V. Maximum on-state voltage is 1.70 V and DC gate current required to trigger is 60 mA. The thyristors are rated for a operating junction and storage temperature range of -65° to 125° C.  The SCRs weigh approximately 14 g (0.49 oz.). Parts are manufactured of silver-tone metal. Metric threads versions are available.

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