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Low On-Resistance Battery Protection MOSFET

Low On-Resistance Battery Protection MOSFET

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) announced the release of AOC3864, a common-drain 20V dual n-channel MOSFET with an ultra-low on-resistance of 5.7mW at 4.5V.

This new device offers the best approach in designing battery protection circuit modules, while providing a strong and reliable solution. It's designed with a standardized pin-out layout of CSP products with the added superior mechanical robustness of AOS's patented AlphaDFN™ packaging technology. This new device joins the AlphaDFN family in targeting applications such as the latest smart phones, tables, media players, and wearable devices.

The growing demand on more data processing capabilities and longer operating time of current smart phones is driving the lithium battery toward another stage of higher capacity. At the same time, innovation in battery cell and charging technology is allowing higher charging current to power-up batteries much faster. As an essential device for battery safety design, MOSFETs with ultra-low on-resistance and small form factors are in high demand by smart phone designers. Using AOS's latest silicon technology, the AOC3864 is able to achieve a 5.7mOhm at 4.5V maximum source-to-source resistance within an ultra-thin 2.7mm x 1.8mm x 0.19mm package. All while providing a robust structure to solve die chipping, cracking and placement issues associated with standard CSP products.

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