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Korean Company Enters MOSFET Manufacturing Agreement

Vishay Intertechnology and KEC have signed an agreement under which Vishay will license its Vishay Siliconix TrenchFET power MOSFET technology to KEC. KEC manufactures discrete electronic components in Korea. In signing the agreement with Vishay, KEC will now offer power MOSFETs built on TrenchFET technology.

The Vishay Siliconix TrenchFET technology, which has progressed through several generations of advancements since its original introduction in the 1990s, enables power MOSFETs with low on-resistance, a figure of merit that translates into smaller, more power-efficient, and cooler-running devices and end products.

Siliconix pioneered the development of vertical trench power MOSFETs to overcome the limitations of planar DMOS devices, where a parasitic junction FET effect places a severe limit on the benefit of increasing transistor cell densities. TrenchFET power MOSFETs overcome this barrier by vertically redirecting the current flow in the device’s channel in a direct path between the topside source and the backside drain contact. The result is a high level of scalability that allows successive generations of TrenchFET silicon technology to provide significant increases in power MOSFET performance.

With this agreement, KEC will address a local market in Korea for power MOSFETs valued yearly at 250 billion Won ($266.7 million). Until now, demand for trench power MOSFETs in Korea has been supplied by imported devices.

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