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Isolated Dual-In-Line Package Handles 75 V

Isolated Dual-In-Line Package Handles 75 V

IXYS Corp. announced the availability of MTI200WX75GD with an integrated 6-pack configuration in one isolated surface mountable module (ISOPLUS-DIL).

This addition to IXYS Trench MOSFET portfolio offering is an integrated solution for  power conversion and motor control applications, providing compact power components with increased power densities, and improved ruggedness and power cycling requirements as required like in automotive applications. The ultra-low resistance of these MOSFETs and the integration of a complete 6-pack mounted on our DCB produce a compact and reliable solution.

The MTI200WX75GD offers three electrically isolated half bridges with identical layouts with a 75V MOSFET featuring an ultra-low on resistance of 1.1 milliohms and real Kelvin gate connections for optimal gate control. The ISOPLUS-DIL package can be surface mounted with standard pick and place equipment, is suitable for re-flow processes and as such can be easily integrated in automated manufacturing lines.

Typical applications, among others, are high efficient DC-DC converters, battery chargers, solar battery chargers, motor inverters, power steering, E-Bikes, light electrical vehicles and pumps.

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