Power Electronics

IGBT Switch Driver

CogniPower announces the immediate availability of evaluation systems for our new IGBT switch driver technology. This new technology leverages CogniPower's patented FET switch driver technology. Speed and power ratings are 3 to 8 times greater than competing products. The offering is suited for the Econo-Dual style package. The system is modular, to facilitate rapid expansion of the product line and to provide a high degree of flexibility to suit each customer's requirements.

Evaluation systems are rated for up to 1,700 volts. (Contact us if you require an evaluation system for up to 3,300 volts.) CogniPower will fit gate enhance and deplete resistors to your specifications and will custom set the dead time for half bridge operation to your requirements at no additional cost.

CogniPower, LLC
Part Number: IGBTSwitch Driver

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