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IGBT Suits Induction Heating Appliances

Fairchild Semiconductor's FGA15N120ANTD is a 1200-V, 15-A NPT-Trench IGBT with the ability to withstand as much as 300 mJ of avalanche energy in induction heating (IH) applications. This improves fail-safe operation of the system during abnormal avalanche-mode conditions that commonly affect IH appliances such as microwave ovens or IH rice cookers. The device offers optimum trade-offs between low conduction loss (VCE(sat) = 1.9 V (typ)) and switching loss (Eoff= 0.6 mJ (typ.)) to increase efficiency and significantly reduce the system's operating temperature.

The avalance capability is provided by a proprietary Trench cell design and thin-wafer NPT process. When tested in a set evaluation using a 1.4 kW/24 kHz IH appliance, the trade-offs between the device's switching and conduction losses reduced operating temperature to a low 34.5°C. The IGBT also integrates a fast-recovery diode (FRD).

The FGA15N120ANTD is available in a TO-3P package. Available now, pricing is $3.30 each in 1000-piece quantities.

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