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IGBT Saturation Voltages: 1.6V for 650 V Series, 1.8 V for 1250 V Series

Renesas Electronics Corp. has announced 13 new products in its 7th-generation IGBT lineup. The new IGBTs include the RJH/RJP65S series for 650V and RJP1CS series for 1250V. They are intended for applications that handle high voltages and large currents, such as power conditioners for solar power generators and industrial motors. The 7th-generation technology, based on enhanced thin wafer process, sets a low losses trade-off between conduction, switching losses and robustness capability to withstand short circuit conditions.

Compared to the previous 6th-generation technology, products series of 600V and 1200V, the 7th-generation portfolio has higher voltage rating 650V and 1250V to address low temperature performance requirements and overvoltage blocking capability.

Renesas IGBTs are suitable in motor controls applications. In such cases the device short circuit capability is a design critical selection parameter. The 7th-generation IGBT series comes with a 10┬Ás rated short circuit tolerance making it suitable for motors in general.


(1) Reduced saturation voltage of 1.6 V for 650 V versions and 1.8 V for 1250 V versions for better power efficiency

(2) High short circuit tolerance of 10 microseconds for a higher level of reliability

(3) Faster switching: the reverse transfer capacitance (Cres) has been lowered by approximately 10 percent compared with earlier Renesas products by optimizing the surface structure of the device.

These improvements contribute to lower power loss and more stable operation in applications such as the three-phase inverter circuits widely used in large-current inverter blocks of solar power inverters or inverter-controlled motors for industrial use.

Sample shipments of Renesas' 13 new IGBT products, including the RJH/RJP65S series for 650V and the RJP1CS series for 1250V, are scheduled to begin in July 2012, priced at US$4.3 for 650V RJP65S06DWA per unit and US$5.0 for 1250V RJP1CS06DWA per unit.

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