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High-Voltage Schottkys Operate To 175ºC

Produced on the company’s Gen 5.0 silicon platform, Vishay Intertechnology’s nine new 100-V Schottky diodes offer low forward-voltage drop, low reverse leakage, and a high maximum junction temperature of +175°C. Overall power density is said to be 30% higher than previous generation diodes. Part numbers are listed in table.

Device type: Schottky diode
Reverse voltage rating (VR): 100 V
Forward voltage (VF): 0.55 V at 8 A to 0.61 V at 30 A
Reverse leakage (Typ.): 1 mA to 5.5 mA at 125°C
Operating temperature range (TJ): -55ºC to +175ºC
Packaging: TO-220, TO-247
RoHS compliant? yes
Target applications: ac-dc power supplies, secondary rectification, flybacks, buck and boost converters, half-bridges, reverse battery protection, freewheeling, class-D amplifiers, and dc-dc module applications
Target end products: automotive and other high-temperature applications, adaptors for desktop PCs, server, automotive drives and controls, telecom networks, consumer electronics like PDPs, LCDs, and audio systems, notebook computers, cell phones, and portable media players
Pricing: from $0.32 to $1.45 per piece (up to 10% lower than Vishay’s planar Gen 3.1 and the planar Gen 2.0 devices)
Availability: samples and production quantities are available now
Data sheets posted on web? yes, see www.vishay.com/company/press/releases/

Table. Part numbers and device specifications

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