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High-Voltage Rectifiers Feature Fast Recovery

Built using a planar chip-junction technology, Vishay’s 8-A, 600-V UH8JT and UHF8JT single high-voltage rectifiers deliver a reverse recovery time of 25 ns and a forward recovery time of 150 ns under LEM test conditions. Those conditions include IF = 8 A, di/dt = 64 A/μs, and VF = 1.1 x VF MAX. In addition, the rectifiers specify a forward voltage drop of 1.85 V at 125°C.

The UH8JT (TO-220AC) and UHF8JT (ITO-220AC) feature a maximum junction temperature of 175°C with ROHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC. Samples and production quantities of the new devices are available now. Pricing in 10000-piece quantities is $0.35 per piece.

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