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High-Voltage Power MOSFETs Use Advanced Process Technology

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) introduced a new series of high-voltage pi-MOS VII MOSFETs that combine advanced process technology with a planar process to provide a wide selection of voltage and RDS(ON) ratings. Developed by Toshiba Corp., the new lineup addresses market requirements for AC/DC and ballast applications, achieved through use of the company's seventh generation pi-MOS process, a high level of cell integration and optimization of the cell design.

The first 13 devices in the pi-MOS VII series include seven 500V and six 600V MOSFETs, targeted for use in switched-mode power supplies, such as AC adapters in notebook and desktop computers, flat panel displays, and ballasts used in lighting. Additional products are planned that will extend the product family from 400V to 650V and provide a wide selection of electrical characteristics, including drain current, RDS(ON) and gate capacitance.

The first seven 500V devices in the pi-MOS VII series provide a selection of drain current from 5 Amp (A) to 15A (max.), with a range of RDS(ON), gate charge and avalanche energy to meet various application requirements. The TK5A50D features drain current of 5A and RDS(ON) of 1.5 (max.); the 7A TK7A50D has RDS(ON) of 1.22 (max.); the 8A TK8A50D has RDS(ON) of 0.85 (max.); the 10A TK10A50D has RDS(ON) of 0.72 (max.); the TK12A50D has RDS(ON) of 0.52 (max.); the 13A TK13A50D has RDS(ON) of 0.47 (max.); and the 15A TK15A50D has RDS(ON) of 0.3 (max.). These devices are packaged in Toshiba TO-220SIS packages, which are equivalent to industry standard TO-220F (isolated) packages, with dimensions of 10.0mm x 4.5mm x 17.8mm.

The initial pi-MOS VII series includes six 600V devices with drain current ranging from 3.5A to 13A (max.). A 3.5A device, the TK4A60DA, has RDS(ON) of 2.2 (max.); the 6A TK6A60D has RDS(ON)of 1.25 (max.); the 7.5A TK8A60DA has RDS(ON) of 1.0 (max.); the 10A TK10A60D has RDS(ON) of 0.75 (max.), the 11A TK11A60D has RDS(ON) of 0.65 (max.); and the 13A TK13A60D has RDS(ON) of 0.43 (max.).

The new Toshiba pi-MOS VII high-voltage MOSFETs are available now. Prices in sample quantities start at $0.75.

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