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Power Electronics
High-Voltage Linear Regulator Transistors

High-Voltage Linear Regulator Transistors

Diodes Inc. has introduced new space-saving package options for its ZXTR2000 series of high-voltage linear regulator transistors designed for 48 V circuits in networking, telecom and power-over-ethernet equipment.

By monolithically integrating several discrete components into the ultra low profile PowerDI®5 and the higher power dissipation TO252 (DPAK) packaging, the regulator transistors offer designers the opportunity to increase power density in 48V DC primary side and fan control applications.

Able to operate where standard linear regulators cannot, the high-voltage ZXTR2005K, ZXTR2008K and ZXTR2012K (TO252) and the ZXTR2005P5, ZXTR2008P5 and ZXTR2012P5 (PowerDI5) produce respective fixed voltages of 5 V, 8 V and 12 V from nominal 48 V inputs.

Device inputs are actually tolerant up to a maximum of 100 V, meaning all regulator transistors offer plenty of headroom in the event of transient over-voltage conditions.  High-performance line and load regulation also ensures transient voltage drops do not result in latch-up, enabling continuous supply operation.

The PowerDI5 and TO252 packaged high voltage linear regulator transistors from Diodes Incorporated are priced at $0.2USD each in 10K quantities.

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