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High-Temperature Optocouplers Suit Industrial Applications

Everlight Electronics' family of phototransistor optocouplers is composed of 21 devices grouped into the 4N2X, 4N3X, H11AX and CNY17-X, CNY17F-X series, all suited for industrial and control designs. The family features a minimum collector-emitter breakdown voltage of 80 V, an isolation voltage of 5 kVrms, more than 7 mm creepage distance, a wide current-transfer-ratio (CTR) range, and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +110°C. One benefit of the wider temperature range is that designers can place the optocouplers in the center of their pc boards, rather than locating them on the edge of the board to keep them away from the heat-generating components, allowing for shorter copper traces.

Furthermore, by offering a choice of devices (CNY17-X and CNY17F-X series) with defined CTR ranges, these parts provide added design flexibility in high-end applications requiring narrow CTR bins characterized at low currents. For example, CTRs have been characterized at 1-mA and 2-mA drive currents, in addition to the more typical 5-mA specification. Characterizing the optocouplers at the lower current levels allows designers of dc-dc converters and other power supply products to reduce their power consumption, yet does not require screening of the optocouplers.

The devices are available in 6-pin standard DIP packaging, or two SMT leadform options, having maximum profiles of either 4.6 mm (option S), or 3.9 mm (option S1). Pricing is $0.12 in production quantities.

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