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High-Temperature 80V Dual Series Small-Signal Diode

CISSOID releases CHT-GANYMEDE, a high-temperature 80V dual series small-signal diode in a small hermetically sealed metal can TO-18 package. This new device includes two diodes connected in series that can sustain a reverse voltage of 80V, have a maximum forward current of 300mA at 225°C and are suitable for operation from -55°C up to +225°C. This dual diode is a general purpose discrete component which and can be used in a variety of applications, including clamping, low-current rectification and sensing, among others.

CHT-GANYMEDE diodes have a very small junction capacitance of 8.5pF at 25V reverse voltage, making them ideal for AC signal rectification, for example in a full-bridge rectifier using two GANYMEDE's. The diodes have a forward voltage of 0.36V for a forward current of 1mA at 225°C. They present a very low leakage current of 8.9µA at 80V reverse voltage and 225°C, making GANYMEDE very suitable for high temperature voltage multipliers (charge-pump). With a forward current of 300mA for a forward voltage of 1.5 V at 225°C, GANYMEDE can also be used in voltage clamping applications.

CHT-GANYMEDE data-sheet is available now from CISSOID web site. CHT- GANYMEDE is available in hermetically sealed TO-18 metal can package for sampling and evaluation. Pricing starts at $158.59/unit up to 200 units.

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